Telemedieret kunst mellem kontinenterne

Fra 14. april til maj står den på internationalt samarbejde i Rio:

Telemediations. Exploring aesthetic paradigms in hybrid ecologies” is an international symposium resulting of a collaborative process between the universities: UFRJ – Brazil, IT University – Denmark and Central Conservatory of Music – Beijing, China under the signature of  “The aesthetics of global connectivity: exploring design strategies and networked technologies of distributed sites through artistic processes”. This major project has as objective to establish research and artistic methods, substantiated by local and telematic exchanges between artists and researchers by means of symposiums, workshops, and laboratorial visiting.

The symposium will focus on the investigation of aesthetic paradigms emergent from telematically mediated environments. We seek to explore new forms of artistic agency through processes technologically assisted. Emphasis is brought to experimentalism with natural and artificial systems, the participatory and interactive experience through performance, image and acoustic interfaces and the inquiring into the hybrid nature of a new ecology in course. The symposium is going to approach these questions and your contribution is of great value to this meeting.

Grundet tidsforskellen, er henvendelser på email at foretrække indtil 1. maj 2011.

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