EMEC16 – The Conference Story

page 9 of the EMEC16 conference book

You learn a lot during a conference. Some things are well-known, others are completely new and might scare you a bit. Here is page 9 of the EMEC16 book – a page dedicated to IT and robotic technologies that (might) influence meetings

EMEC16 is over and we have all taken tons of impressions with us. The conference’s framework was ‘Writing your own story’ which included several assignments for participants, including identifying a goal for the participation, obstacles and potential supporters. Now you will have to continue that story at home…

While you were busy writing your individual stories MIE NØRGAARD set out to write a A1-sized story of the entire conference based on conversations, observations and a thorough background in experience and interaction design.

It might not be what you experienced – in fact it most certainly will not – but it will help you remember the feeling and content of EMEC16.

Click here to view the book “MPI – making people interact. The uncensored story of EMEC16”

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