MIE NØRGAARD is a company founded and led by design researcher and interaction/experience designer Mie Nørgaard.
We specialise in using sketching techniques and design methods to improve new thinking, memory, experience and learning.

In praxis we blend skills from experience design, learning theory and neuropsychology to – for example – help companies design effective events that engage people and have a lasting impact. Check out our service portfolio for more details and examples.

While Mie calls herself experience designer and viz guru, our collaborators include brilliant people with roots in business, strategy, learning and psychology.

Feel free to contact us on:

mail: mie(at)


direct phone: +45 9292 9090

One thought on “IN ENGLISH

  1. Hi Mie, My name is Julien Ringdahl where I am looking to learn how to properly hand sketch or at least pick up some cool simple technics. My great goal is to try and get into the interactive design education out at DMJX next summer meanwhile I am looking for all possible tools to improve my chances of getting in.

    Your listed courses are a little to pricy for me unfortunately but was wondering if you perhaps knew of alternative ways to learning sketching technics or perhaps you have other open classes which are more affordable?

    Hope to hear from you

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